Cheatham Hill After-School Programs 2018

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YAP Drama Club – Winter Session

Basic   2:30-3:30

Rising Stars 2:30-3:30   k-2nd (audition)

Super Star 2:30-4:30   3rd-5th (audition)

Art a la carte – Fine Arts   2:30-3:30 Winter Session

Hour Fitness Fun 2:30-3:20  (k-2)  Winter Session little gym

Hour Fitness Fun 3:30-4:30 (3-5)  Winter Session little gym


Spanish   2:30-3:30   Winter Session

Kilometer Kids   2:30-3:30   Spring Sess1st Grade Field- Starts in March


  YAP   Drama Club- Winter Session

  Rising Stars 2:30-3:30 k-2nd (audition)

  Super Star 2:30-4:30 3rd-5th (audition)

  Movie Maker Pro  2:30-3:30 3rd-5th Winter Session

 Golf   2:30-3:30 Winter 1st Grade Field


 Robotics     2:30-3:30  Winter Session

 Dance   2:30-3:30 (k-2) 3:35-4:35 (3-5)Winter Session little gym

Tennis 2:30-3:30 Winter  Session 1st Grade Field

Friday:             C

CHESS   2:30-3:30, 3:35-4:35 16 Weeks 2nd

Cheer  2:35-3:35  Winter Session Little Gym


Winter 13 week session  - Start week of 1/22/18 and End week of 5/7/18 - No clubs Feb 19-23, Wednesday 3/14, April 2-6 Spring Break

Spring 8 week session - Start week of 3/12/18 and End week of 5/7/18 - No clubs Wednesday 3/14, April 2-6 Spring Break



Cheatham Hill Yearbook 2017-2018

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West Cobb Girls Softball
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